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2020: A look back at the year

Certain events leave an indelible impression in our minds – we remember clearly what happened, how we heard about it, where we were and who we were with. Think about the 1969 moon landing (if you’re old enough!); the day you finished school or graduated from university; the release of Nelson Mandela and the 1994 democratic election (and how long you queued to vote); the events of 9/11 and the twin towers. I’m sure you’ll recall other indelible moments; however, the thing is that these examples are just that – “moments” – and generally life returns to normal shortly after.

2020 and the COVID19 scenario has been a year’s worth of “moments,” with a difference – life has NOT returned to normal. So, whilst in a normal environment we understand that change is the only constant (but we don’t actually change much), the COVID19 pandemic has enforced massive change (like it or not!)

If, like me, you subscribe to the philosophy of “finding opportunity in the chaos” then 2020 has surely tested this resolve! The challenges we’ve faced have been enormous. Think about it – humans are social animals, so the necessity to social distance, work remotely and wear masks is about as disruptive a scenario that I hope to ever experience in my lifetime. (Fortunately, I was born after the world wars). The flipside of this coin is that we all had no choice but to adapt to behaviours and technology that actually makes the world a better and more efficient planet. Some examples:

  • We’ve all become very hygienic (and as a result few people have had flu or common colds)
  • Less traffic on the roads means less pollution and less accidents
  • Video conferencing facilitates easy information dissemination and is extremely time efficient (and cost effective)
  • We’ve realized the importance of the internet and the ability broadband connectivity gives us to efficiently conduct business even whilst working remotely in isolation from our colleagues.
  • Most importantly, we’ve realized how important human relationships are (you don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone) and, hopefully this makes us more mindful and tolerant of others and their personal experiences.

I could go on, but my point is that in some ways good change has been forced upon us. Change that may have taken years for many to buy into and adapt to if not for the pandemic. From a business perspective it’s become vital to ensure that your business remains relevant, nimble and able to exist independent of fixed locations and services. We’ve also been forced to become accountable and trusting (it’s impossible to work remotely without these quailties in place).

I’m delighted to say that IronTree has not only survived but we’ve grown even stronger this year. We’ve added some great new solutions relevant to the business environment (check our website!) and we’ve established some fantastic new partnerships as well as strengthened relationships with our existing partners. Our aim is to provide even more value to our customers in 2021 and to work even more closely with our partners (both vendors as well as value added resellers).

I wish you a joyful festive season (in social distance mode!) and a very successful 2021, we look forward to the journey with you.

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