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When you register with us, we’ll ask you to create your own data encryption key. Without your encryption key, the data cannot be decrypted once it’s been backed up. The backup encryption technology is Military Grade, AES 256 encryption.

No, the daily incremental backups are (in most cases) extremely small and don’t use significant amounts of cap. So you won’t have to increase your cap. The exception would be if your data grows exponentially daily.

The first backup could contain a large amount of data and thus would use a large portion of your monthly cap, and take some time. If the data files you need to have backed up are extremely large, we can collect an initial data backup on an external hard drive and install the first backup on our servers at the data centre for a fee. Subsequent daily backups will contain small amounts of data.

Our data platform is hosted within Vodacom Business, one of South Africa’s largest hosting providers. Our infrastructure is replicated and mirrored so that all data is stored in two locations.

The backup technology has been in use internationally for years. Companies using the technology include those in the government, retail, entertainment, insurance, franchise, motor and private sectors.

Once you’ve completed the installation and selected the folders and files you wish to back up, simply select the ‘Size’ button on the toolbar in the user interface. The software will then calculate the size of the selected data and display the result on-screen.

The IronTree solution can back up any data that’s selected by you at any time, i.e. you can vary your data selection by adding or deleting files and folders.

Yes, but because we utilise Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (or VSS) to manage open files, and VSS does not work over a network (a Microsoft limitation, not an IronTree one), the configuration and therefore the risk is entirely up to you as the client. The data should reside on the machine where the backup application is installed, i.e. server, payroll machine or the like. To resolve network limitations, you can install a site license at a marginal cost, which will allow your additional machines needing backup to utilise their own operating system’s VSS functionality and their own IronTree account, thereby ensuring a particular machine’s open files will be backed up.

The IronTree application can be configured to advise whether a backup was successful or not. We recommend email notifications to be setup and delivered to an individual or a support email group.

This is possible, however, you’ll require an ESE license from IronTree to be able to backup locally in addition to the automatic offsite backup.

Yes, IronTree can setup a restore utility known as a TF or TaskFile utility. This setup will allow you to consolidate your branch’s backed up data to one location, such as your head office, where you’ll be able to extract data and run your business intelligence programmes.

Yes, IronTree offers a quarterly audit report service known as Premium Plus. This premium backup service is fully supported and managed, and consists of our secure offsite backup functionality as well as quarterly audits of your backup account and software. The aim of this service is to reduce the risks associated with backing up offsite and constantly changing data within your environment. IronTree runs a full audit and produces an audit report at the end of each quarter.

IronTree will add each additional user as a site license. Each machine at a single location has an individual IronTree account registered to it. Each machine backs up uniquely to the IronTree storage platform daily. Each account holder/PC operator thus has his/her own account registration details and can select to backup or restore the required data from his/her hard drive/s. Each PC/laptop is billed a monthly license fee of R40 + VAT. IronTree then groups all the ‘site machines’ together. At month end, a single data fee based on the total volume of data being stored across the entire site will be billed. The fee is in accordance with standard IronTree pricing.

IronTree technicians are always available to assist you during the setup and configuration of your backup account. You can call 087 943 2278 during business hours and 072 595 1066 after hours. After hours support charges apply.

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The reseller zone is currently out getting a facelift as we look to integrate it with our backup platform, as it stands you can overview your clients on our new backup console. If you don't know what console that is, please reach out to us.

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  • I have read and understand IronTree Internet Services (Pty) Ltd's privacy notice.

  • I have read and understand IronTree Internet Services (Pty) Ltd's privacy notice.

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