Using Pastel? You need a reliable online backup service

The vast majority of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa use some iteration of the Sage Pastel software platform. As with any software out there, things do go wrong at times: data gets corrupted or deleted, hard drives crash or tape drives fail at the most inopportune time. The sad reality is that many businesses do not have backups, let alone business continuity in mind at all. They often leave backups on the back burner or backup to flash and external drives. This lack of data security strategies can cost organisations dearly.

Not all backups are created equal
It may be tempting to backup company information to an external disc due to perceived simplicity and cost-saving benefits, but this is a short sighted understanding of what a backup strategy entails. For some businesses, however, IT budgets are small to non-existent and the cost of backup hardware might be an off-putting factor. IronTree provides a cost-effective and comprehensive data backup solution that is tailored around the needs of SMEs. On average, IronTree helps at least 8 clients restore data each day.

Here are a few common reasons clients need data restoration:
Data instability caused by updates
Data hijacked by Ransomware and rendered unusable
Hard drive crash due to load-shedding or other related issues
IT equipment theft
Accidental deletion
Database corruption
Why choose IronTree as your Pastel backup provider?
Our longstanding partnership with Sage Pastel means we have an intimate understanding of the platform and are able to advise our customers on backup best practices. Our relationship extends to Pastel resellers and we have built strong partnerships throughout the distribution network. With Pastel Backup target software, IronTree is able to restore your Sage Pastel data to your servers within minutes and restore your business to normalcy in minimal time. If needed, we provide after hours support to ensure our clients get their data assets back in place to ensure continuity.

Cloud is becoming the de facto Pastel backup medium
Cloud technology offers security, safety, mobility and affordability benefits simply not available in traditional backup solutions. Imminent POPI and other regulations will demand that you backup your data offsite and securely and if you do not comply you stand the risk of prosecution. More and more people are seeing the benefits that cloud Pastel backup can provide.

What we’re up to at IronTree
IronTree is constantly evolving with the goal of providing more value and quality to its client-base. Apart from online Sage Pastel backup solutions, we also offer data protection in the form of Panda Cloud Security and System Management and Plan4continuity Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Software. We are developing a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution in collaboration with Pastel and Plan4continuity, which will enable you in the event that your server or ERP systems crash, to quickly instantiate a recovery virtual machine and carry on working. Keep an eye out for more information and blogs on data selection, disaster recovery and business continuity on our website.

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  • I have read and understand IronTree Internet Services CC's privacy notice.

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