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Why you need effective internet security software

It’s a fact of modern life: transacting over the internet has become part of the fabric of our very existence and how we transact and interact. My partner and I were recently discussing how we would go about defining a business continuity plan that would ensure total recovery in the event of a business disaster.

We quickly realised that the critical components of business continuity include email, the ability to connect to business-related web facilities, telephony and access to financial data – including the ability to transact.

If you’re either currently using a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephony system, or are migrating to a VOIP solution soon, and are either using a hosted accounting application or plan to use one soon, then the reality is that business continuity is totally dependent on internet connectivity and internet security software policies.

Are you a modern day dinosaur who boasts over dinner to your recently hacked colleagues and friends that your business can happily exist without the internet and that you still write cheques and wait for your bank statements to arrive in the snail mail? To you I say, you don’t have a sustainable business model and you’re going to one day soon wake up to the fact that nimble online competitors have ‘stolen’ your customers.

On the other extreme, if your internet security software policy encompasses freeware antivirus software allied with a supposedly high degree of personal vigilance, then your internet security is about as safe as having unprotected sex with a stranger.

Here are some common scenarios that instantly compromise your internet security:

Do you use any of the following passwords: ‘123456’, ‘password’, ‘123123’, ‘admin’ or ‘letmein’? All of these are listed in “The internet’s 25 worst passwords, and what they say about you”. Check the list out here. No internet security software will adequately protect you if you use one of these passwords. Opening email messages that, whilst clearly out of context or from a sender you don’t know, sound inviting or amusing. You’d better have some effective internet security software to guard against this possibility as it only takes a second of inattention to open a malicious message that can pack a devastatingly destructive payload. Not being vigilant on the internet, for example clicking on pop up ads or clicking on the screen pop up claiming that ‘Your PC is slow, click here to fix it!’ Downloading ‘free’ music, games and video files from torrent type download sites. Downloading and using free internet security software. End point protection (antivirus) software must be constantly updated. Free software is often not up to date. It’s also possible that the free software could in fact be a conduit for the introduction of viruses. Do any of these sound familiar? They are just some common internet security compromising scenarios. So, what’s the best way to ensure that you’re not compromised?

The best antivirus software solutions are cloud-hosted internet security software solutions.

Here’s why:

Cloud-based internet security software solutions are automatically configured to always use a comprehensive, up-to-date, cloud-based virus and malware pattern file. These pattern files encompass every known malware threat in existence. Cloud-based internet security software solutions offer agents for multiple common business devices; Windows PCs and laptops, Mac devices, Android and IOS mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). In the modern business environment, it’s imperative to be able to remotely protect and manage all devices that contain sensitive corporate information. Cloud-based internet security software solutions allow you to effectively police access to productivity killers such as social media (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.), music and video ‘torrent’ download facilities as well as potential corporate brand killers such as porn and other inappropriate content that can easily be unintentionally exposed to customers. Cloud-based internet security software solutions allow you to control corporate devices and block unauthorized personal from introducing malware and spyware through the use of potentially infected USB drives and other removable media devices.

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