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Month: January 2017

Why data protection is vital

In this day and age, information security or data protection is the key to survival after a disaster for any organisation.

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The future of antivirus: what is Panda Antivirus doing?

The increasing variety and sophistication of malware has rendered traditional antivirus detection ineffective and cumbersome. Panda has long seen this problem and, as a result, has been evolving its methods of detection over the last five years.

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Seven reasons why cloud antivirus is the best antivirus software

It’s an amazing world that we find ourselves living in. Apart from anything else, there’s so much ‘free’ stuff that one can download and use for business purposes. For example, there are multiple ‘free’ antivirus applications available. Why would anyone spend actual, hard-earned money to purchase a solution that can be downloaded and used indefinitely for free?

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Five flaws most companies make in their disaster recovery plan

It may seem difficult to understand business continuity planning – also known as a disaster recovery plan – but in reality, it just comes down to common sense. It’s about planning how you’re going to deal with the issues your business might face and setting up your business in a way that ensures robustness and constant improvement.

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Effective patch management for IT managers and service providers

Ransomware, spamware, malware, virus attacks and unauthorised device access – these are all very real business threats. Keeping your server and client devices up to date with the latest patches is vital to ensuring that your business is not compromised or threatened in any way by these threats.

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The future of business continuity management

We recently spent an entire day in our offices without electricity due to an unexpected power cut by the City of Cape Town. Fortunately we had anticipated this earlier on in the year and invested in generators to keep our offices going.

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What to backup: a critical look at your data.

Cloud backup: What should I back up? This is a common question for organisations as the influx of data that spans an average network has simply exploded.

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Why must you back-up: horror stories.

Online backup company IronTree’s head technician Ruedi Teichardt reports that in June 2017 alone, 79 restores were performed, followed by 82 in July and these were due mainly to stolen machines, crashed machines, viruses and a hijacking.

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