Data protection and the rift between business and IT

For so long there’s been a constant struggle between two instrumental forces in a company: business (management) vs IT (the techies). This battle of wills has been going on for decades. It stems from a clear lack of expectation management on both sides.

Let’s see if we can unearth these mismanaged expectations and uncover the underlying obstacles. If we explore both sides of the argument maybe, just maybe, we can be the arbitrator and resolve the feud forever.

Business costs must be cut

Times are tough, budgets are tight. With the current economic conditions, the onus is on management to make difficult decisions. These usually go hand in hand with redundancies and cost-cutting exercises.

So, it’s not surprising that the mandate across a company is to keep costs the same or lower where possible. This impacts all functions of the business, none more so than IT. During the current tumultuous times of remote working, own device usage and cloud environments, management still wants its IT costs to be lower than usual.

That’s simply not possible because IT needs to ensure the protection, safety and security of devices and data; to ensure all necessary applications are purchased and installed. At the same time, businesses would rather cut the costs of technical expenses than furlough staff.

You can see both sides of the argument. So, what’s the answer?

Operations must continue

Downtime in business terms means loss of revenue. It’s simply time = money, whether it’s being generated or lost. Often management doesn’t understand the concept of keeping all systems up and running, all the time. It sees it from the net result point of view, not the implementation side. This isn’t even unreasonable, considering the cut-throat conditions we’re currently facing. If you can’t get through to your supplier due to a telephony outage, you’ll move on and try another. Loyalty only means so much.

So, IT is accountable for delivering on uptime expectation, constrained by limitations such as lower budgets, reduced staff and increased pressure from above. That’s a hell of a challenge.

Is there a solution out there?

The company must grow

While business strives to cut costs and IT strives to improve uptime and the optimal functioning of all systems, there’s a shared objective to see the company grow.

Data is at the heart of a company’s growth. In recent years it has become hot property, evidenced by the massive increase in cyber crime and the stealing of all kinds of data. As companies switch to working remotely, IT needs to ensure that the data being created is protected, no matter the speed of its increase. The company’s data needs to be available, recoverable and secure.

Herein lies the clue to resolving the business vs IT feud. Data.

Resolution of conflict

At IronTree we’ve experienced the challenges from the two camps – the cost of data protection vs the risk of data loss is a consistent theme across our company.

Through envisioning a solution for ourselves, we’ve created a solution for other companies, and it comes in the form of improved technologies. We’ve been able to combine a number of solutions while keeping them competitively priced, thereby catering for both sides of a company, as follows:

Improved business benefits

  • Single cloud console for easy backup status and statistic checks
  • Fixed monthly protection costs
  • Faster recovery from disruption or disaster
  • Wider device selections
  • Better redundancy and therefore minimal downtime

Improved IT benefits

  • Faster roll out to your entire network
  • Simpler maintenance
  • Better support
  • A wider selection of data sources
  • Automated backup

We found that a comprehensive data protection solution, enabled by basic cloud installation, ends up satisfying both sides of a business. When disaster strikes you can recover your systems quickly to minimise downtime, which pleases the IT side, and because systems are always up, the business keeps running no matter what.

Speak to us about choosing a solution to suit your particular business.

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  • I have read and understand IronTree Internet Services (Pty) Ltd's privacy notice.

  • I have read and understand IronTree Internet Services (Pty) Ltd's privacy notice.

  • I have read and understand IronTree Internet Services (Pty) Ltd's privacy notice.

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