Modern digital protection: what does it mean?

Modern digital protection is the strategy of safeguarding important information from theft, corruption and manipulation.

The need to protect information increases as we create more and more data and as we become increasingly dependent on it.

In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say the modern world has become more dependent on data than ever before and, as a result, the need to protect it has reached its highest level yet.

Because data has become so valuable, the potential for theft, corruption and manipulation is high and cyber security threats are being created at alarmingly high speeds.

This rise in data value has put immense pressure on traditional data protection and cyber security methods, and much antivirus software is becoming obsolete.

Where individuals and companies are still relying on legacy IT systems and software, they’re putting their data and businesses at risk of malware and cyber-attacks.

Traditional backup and old forms of cyber protection, such as stand-alone antivirus, are proving to be a poor match for today’s sophisticated threats which use industrial-scale computer power and artificial intelligence to execute zero-day attacks. So cyber security providers have had to alter their solutions to match the changing threat landscape.

Coming in to fill the security gap is modern digital protection – variously called data protection and cyber protection – and the challenge for both providers and end-users is to keep up with this technology as it changes.

What to look for in modern digital protection

A vital aspect of digital data protection is being able to quickly restore data after corruption or loss. But the privacy of data, and its authenticity, are also vital components to build into a cyber security strategy.  

The emerging approach for any cyber security setup is to ensure five important aspects of data protection. With these five aspects in place, there are no gaps in your protection: 

  1. Safety = ensuring that a reliable copy of your data is always available
  2. Accessibility = being able to access your data from anywhere at any time 
  3. Privacy = controlling who has access to your data
  4. Authenticity = being sure you have an exact copy of your original data
  5. Security = protecting your systems, apps and data against malware 

Knowing these vital aspects is one thing, but providing for them all at once can be challenging. For example, safety and accessibility are equally important, but at their very essence, they compete with one another.  

In response, you might try covering these aspects with individual products or solutions that are dedicated to each one, but this plan of attack ends up in a “patchwork” scenario, which is proving to create gaps in cyber defence. 

Truly effective cyber protection is calling for an integrated approach, where each vital aspect is built into the solution from the start. This way, modern cyber attacks, such as the highly malicious zero-day attack*, can be avoided.

An integrated approach is one that yields these five outcomes: 

  1. Ability to quickly restore data after corruption or loss
  2. Ability to work safely from a remote location
  3. Knowing your data can’t be copied or compromised
  4. Having a guaranteed backup of your data
  5. Knowing your data, apps and systems are safe from malware

*What is the zero-day attack? 

The zero-day attack is an opportunistic cyber attack in response to a software vulnerability that hasn’t yet been patched. Until the anti-malware software has been patched, it can’t pick the vulnerability up, so hackers can use this window of time to make their attack. They also bank on the fact that many individuals and companies are slow to apply patches, and this extends the hackers’ window.

The modern world is a digital world

In almost all key industries of the modern world – from financial services, retail and manufacturing to education, healthcare and hospitality – data is driving business performance and competitiveness. This reliance on digital assets (ie marketing content, presentations, company branding, documents, videos, images) is guaranteed to increase into the future. 

Because IronTree’s mission is to protect data, apps and systems, it’s having to stay at the cutting edge of new strategies and technology. The modern world needs modern digital solutions and IronTree provides an integrated approach that combines the five important aspects of digital protection. 

If you need an integrated solution to protect your business data, reach out to us here for a chat.  

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  • I have read and understand IronTree Internet Services (Pty) Ltd's privacy notice.

  • I have read and understand IronTree Internet Services (Pty) Ltd's privacy notice.

  • I have read and understand IronTree Internet Services (Pty) Ltd's privacy notice.

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